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Welcome to Restaurant Schrieversheide, where nature, tradition, and culinary passion come together.

Nestled on the edge of the breathtaking Brunssummerheide nature reserve, Restaurant Schrieversheide is not only known as a restaurant but also as a beloved pancake restaurant. Here, where the pulsating heart of nature meets culinary surprises, we offer a versatile dining experience.

Whether you're in the mood for a lunch dish or a traditional, heartwarming pancake, you'll always find something to tantalize your taste buds. From the spacious parking lot on Schaapskooiweg, you can walk directly into our welcoming environment. Whether you're inhaling the fresh forest air after an invigorating walk, finishing a bike ride, or simply sharing a cozy moment with loved ones; our restaurant and pancake house provide the ideal backdrop.

In the summer months, you can sit outside on our sun-soaked terrace, while winter days are characterized by the coziness and warmth of our interior. Children can expend their energy in our playground, while adults enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee accompanied by an authentic piece of Limburg flan, a delicious pancake, or a choice from our extensive menu.

With 120 seats indoors and a whopping 500 seats outdoors, there's always a spot where you can enjoy the majestic view of the purple-green heath, often with the picturesque sight of a shepherd guiding his sheep.

And for those arriving by bike or horse: opposite our establishment, we offer a bike and horse parking area, allowing you to enjoy what Restaurant Schrieversheide has to offer with peace of mind.

Nature Experience

Directly located at the beautiful Brunssummerheide, the ideal starting or ending point for a walk or bike ride in nature.

Children's Paradise

Equipped with a playground where children can play safely while parents relax and enjoy.

Spacious Terrace

With 500 outdoor seats and a breathtaking view of the purple-green heath.

Pancake Restaurant

An extensive selection of both classic and inventive pancakes for young and old.